Here's part of your newly trained Circle L Animal Disaster Services Team with Becky Salazar of ADS (in striped shirt). Disaster? We've got this!!!

Who has the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the world?  Circle L, that's who!  How can we possibly thank you enough for your tireless, over-the-top donations of time, work, your love for animals and humans, food, materials, encouragement, expertise, skill, willingness to learn new things and change, participation in the decision-making process with positive interactions with management, other volunteers and the public?  Well we don't know!  Just know the world is a better place because of your kindness and dedication.

Circle L Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Prescott Valley AZ is looking for the right people to join our dynamic, future oriented team. We are looking for volunteers to join us working with our animals in a shelter environment. We are caring for livestock and dogs and can offer you a variety of experiences. We need your help with everything we are doing. What are we doing? We are creating the best environment we possibly can for our animals and the people who are joining us.


How are we doing this?

  • We have been restructuring both our livestock and dog property to create living environments that are enriched, healthy and enjoyable for our animals and for people too.

  • We are constantly reading and researching to learn more from other shelters and care givers so we are adjusting all the time.

  • We are innovative and excited to change how we are doing things, always with improvements and well being in mind.

  • We are promoting best practices in animal welfare and education toward humane practices in animal care and training.

  • We are looking forward to presenting seminars and courses to the public in dog and horse handling and training.

  • We are giving training sessions for our volunteers to learn handling of the animals so that the animals are not confused about what we are asking of them and so they have confidence in us.

  • We are improving our physical sites so that our property is safe and beautiful for everyone.

  • How you can be a part of this dynamic experience

  • We need your help in everything we are doing and planning and as your skills grow your opportunities will grow with you. But to be a little more specific the following ideas are provided.

  • You will be working with and learning to be part of a team of positive people working in an environment caring for shelter animals.

  • You might be preparing food, cleaning , following training protocols..

  • We need help with physically demanding ranch type work, cleaning pens, moving feed, building fencing and shelters, landscaping and design, gardening, and making our property mire beautiful.

  • We need your help with things that can be done without physical labor: We need your help fundraising and event planning. We need your help promoting our purpose and our goals. Making phone calls, being part of our outreach and education programs. Keeping track of events and being in contact with everyone about planning future events.

  • Simply put, we need your help in many ways that we know of and even in some ways we are yet unaware of.

  • What You Need To Bring to the Volunteers Position

  • Potential to develop your skills in a dynamic forward thinking, always improving shelter.

  • Ability to be a positive thinking and involved team member with humane treatment and care as your primary intent.

  • Ability to follow plans, directions and work with groups of volunteers and staff.

  • A humane attitude toward animal care.

  • If you are interested in volunteering with us or finding out more about Circle L Ranch, please contact us: 928.273.7005 or

  • We look forward to hearing from you!

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