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31 Pot Belly Pigs!  

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Update January 2017

We've raised $8,937 of $9,500 goal.  


Many of the pot belly pigs we rescued from the hoarding situation in Mesa were pregnant. So far we have had 3 litters. 
With the help of a borrowed portable ultrasound machine and Susy Hopkins, ultrasound technologist, we have identified 2 more pregnant mamas.
Where to put them?  We are figuring this out as I write this. 
The cost of feeding these precious pigs, building new shelters, and the veterinary care needed for the young ones is skyrocketing. 
Prescott is cold this time of year and the young piglets do not do well in the cold. Amy has 5 piglets in her living room and Susy takes Ivy the piglet to work with her every day. We are all helping and stretching in any way we can. 
Thank you to Dr. Egar DVM and Yavapai Humane Society for offering to spay and neuter the piglets and the mamas. You are angels!
Thank you to High Country Veterinary Hospital for being willing to treat the sick ones. 
We are all struggling to keep the pigs healthy and adopt them out to good homes. We have adopted 3 to forever homes so far. 
Please consider a Christmas gift to Circle L Ranch to help defray the huge expense this has been for us. You have all been generous so far and it is deeply appreciated. The costs keep rising, however. 

October 2016:  Circle L Ranch Rescue was asked by Mesa Animal Control and Humane Society to help with a terrible hoarding situation in Mesa Arizona.

Our people, along with Animal Care officers and representatives from Ironwood Pig Sanctuary have been on the ground all morning gathering up these animals who lived in squalor without appropriate feed.

As we speak, 31 pot belly pigs including juveniles and newborn piglets are on their way to Circle L Ranch in Prescott Valley along with 10 chicks and 2 rabbits.

We need help with more pens and shelter, more salaries for extra workers to care for these animals, veterinary bills and feed.

We need funding now to cover these unexpected expenses. Please help us!

I am grateful for any contribution. All contributions are tax deductible.

Deborah Wilson  MD
Circle L Ranch Rescue and Sanctuary

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