Golden Paws Senior

Adoption Program

Many of us understand why adopting a senior dog is such a good choice.

They are housebroken, they don't chew up your furniture or shoes, they generally know basic commands - sit, stay, come, off, and down. They provide instant loyal companionship. 

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a senior dog at a rescue or shelter, seen the wisdom of his years, and know that he's pleading, “Pick me, pick me!” All the while you're thinking, "I'd love to take you home, but can I afford to feed you?  What if you get sick and need veterinary care, can I afford the bills?" 

Well, Circle L has a very workable solution for you.  We are excited to bring to you our new program:

 Golden Paws Adoption

1) Circle L will waive the adoption fees.

2) Circle L will pay for the approved veterinarian bills for the rest of his/her life.

3) Circle L will pay for current and future approved medications.

Your responsibility is to share with your senior dog a loving home, a comfortable bed, and most importantly of all - mutual love and loyal companionship. 

Are you interested? Do you know someone who is interested? Perhaps a senior citizen, a veteran or just someone deserving of a companion who otherwise might not be able to afford the care of a senior dog?  If so, please get in touch with us!  Come out and meet some of our seniors and learn how our program can work for you.  We have several dogs with various physical capabilities and nature.  Some just want to be your lap dog, others want a brief walk around the block and others will enjoy a hike around the lake! Guaranteed they will love all the attention you can give them and will gladly return that affection tenfold.  


We look forward to making a difference in both YOUR life and our GOLDEN PAWS!

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