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Thank you Petfinder for the opportunity to post our wonderful adoptable dogs on your website! For the latest news on Circle L dogs, please visit (and Like) our Facebook page. Some of our most fortunate new arrivals are adopted before we even post their information to Petfinder so follow us on Facebook!

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Fostering Helps Too!

Mama Dog . . .

There's  Something About Mama Dog

Yep, there's definitely something special about Mama Dog!  Do you remember the song sung by James Taylor and Carol King, "You've got a Friend?”

"Winter, Spring,Summer, or Fall, all you have to do  is call, and I'll be there, yes I will, you've got a friend."

Seems like Mama Dog has had many friends along her life's journey and it isn't over yet!  She's not a pure bred by any means; in fact she's a little bit of this 'n' that.  She’s not what you would call a beautiful dog or even a sparkling personality, but here's her inspirational story and how she ended up at just about the best "dog gone" place on earth, Circle L.

Her early years were spent in a group of stray dogs in Birmingham, AL.  No, we don't know how she came to be homeless, but she and her pack were fed by a local dog lover for several years until Animal Control decided this group of strays needed to be rounded up and euthanized. Mama's friend was naturally extremely upset.  She had been able to build some trust with the dogs through the years of feeding, and she managed to coax them into her car. She took them home where she continued to try and care for them. However, their fear of humans led to frequent escapes.  Mama even learned how to climb trees to get away from those scary humans!  During one of their escapes, the pack attacked some neighborhood cats and the decision, once again, was made to euthanize the little band unless a different solution could be found. 

Tara's Babies, a rescue in AZ run by a caring group of monks, heard about their situation and offered to give them sanctuary.  Mama Dog spent several more years here.  Shelter, food, water, and medical care were provided by the devoted monks. Mama developed an infection in her eye and, ultimately, her eye could not be saved.

As many of her caretakers moved on, passed on, or retired, human contact became less and less frequent.  She never lost her fear of humans.  As Tara's Babies began to wind down, they reached out to Circle L to rehome some of their  charges. As is often the case, Circle L came to the rescue and took in several, including Mama Dog.  She got her own pad with A/C in summer and heat in winter, food, and water, but most important, all the human contact she could ever want, which was none! 

She spent the first several weeks in her house, only coming out to eat and answer the call of nature.  If a human approached her, back into her house she ran.  The thing is, Circle  L has very dedicated volunteers and staff who were not going to give up on Mama.  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, she had her friends!  They enticed her with tasty tidbits, chicken, and cheese, but most important, with soft words and time to just sit near her.

Little by little, she began to take tiny steps out of her house when she heard the volunteer voices. First, a nose appeared, then her one eye, and before you knew it, her whole head ventured out!  For a long time, we had to leave the treats on the ground, but Mama gradually began to trust the volunteers and take treats out of their hands. And to be honest, chicken and cheese are really hard to resist! But that's OK. Progress is progress, and don't we all need a little extra incentive now and again?  But even better, Mama is now going for walks and she gets to visit new places and, to top it all off, she gets frozen doggie lolly pops when it gets hot!  Life is getting better every day. 

Oh, and by the way, just to add to Mama's success, two of her companions got adopted!                                   

Staff and volunteers at Circle L strive to give each and every animal in our care, as rich an environment as possible, mental stimulation, new and exciting challenges and, most important of all, friends who care, every winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Just call, and we'll be there.


That's what we do!!

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