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About the Ranch

Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501c3 Non-Profit

Founded in 2006

What is Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary?

Our Story 2006-2017

We are on 30 acres located in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  At any given time, the ranch is overflowing with animals and often home to over 60 dogs, 18 horses, 1 mule, 17 sheep, 90 goats, 4 geese, 4 roosters and 7 hens-over 200 animals total. For many of these animals, Circle L Ranch was their last hope as they were rescued from a “kill list” literally a day away from euthanasia. Others come from owners who can no longer care for their pets or owners no longer want the responsibility. Some animals are not suitable for adoption and will live out their lives at this sanctuary surrounded by gentle care and boundless love. For the adoptable ones, it’s our goal to find wonderful homes for each of them where they will receive the love and attention they deserve.

How are we different?

Circle L dogs live in houses not kennels.   The ranch itself has three houses where most of the dogs live with our full-time staff. These lucky dogs are NOT cooped up in kennels. They learn to interact with people and other dogs indoors and out, and most are well mannered and house broken. They have the freedom to come and go at will through doggie-doors leading to fenced yards. In fact, if you ask the caregivers, you might find they feel like the dogs allow them to live there not the other way around. This is a team that brings their unique spirit of love, patience and dedication to the roller-coaster ride of rescue: Meet the staff.

About Our Founder

Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary was founded in 2006 by Dr. Deborah Wilson,

who resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her love of animals has inspired many and her commitment to them

is nothing short of extraordinary. Beginning initially with the rescue of birds, both exotic and domestic,

Dr. Wilson quickly expanded her mission to include the rescue of horses, goats, cattle and of course, dogs.

There is no such thing as an animal that is “left behind” at Circle L Ranch. We are limited only by funds and

space. Read an article about Dr. Wilson in Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctors.

Circle L Ranch Staff and Volunteers

Due to limited funds, Circle L Ranch-as large as it is-has less than a handful of employees who live and work on the ranch.

For this reason, we rely heavily on our volunteers who donate their time to assist with animal care, cleaning, feeding, adoptions and events.

We can always use additional volunteers who don’t mind getting a little dirty while helping out with ranch chores.

Or, if you prefer to interact with the public, we also need help with adoption events, marketing, PR,

fund raising and so on. Please contact us for more information about our volunteer program.

Of course, we appreciate any and all monetary donations to help the Ranch. Dogs, horses, goats, sheep…

You can imagine the monthly bills for food and veterinarian services, not to mention utilities and maintenance!

2019- The Future and Beyond!

We are busy maintaining the present and building the future, stay tuned for up dates or better yet, join us. Together the future is amazing!

Circle L Ranch Vision 

  • Circle L Rescue envisions a time when all domesticated animals are recognized as an integral part of our natural world.  Animals are to be protected, honored, and served.

  • Circle L Rescue envisions being a permanent community resource. It is our mission to instill compassion and stewardship in young minds and a place to reconnect the public with the beauty and benefits of all animal life and habitat.

  • Circle L Rescue envisions a time when the community as a whole participates in the safekeeping of the natural world.

Please visit soon! Call or email to make an appointment. 

Contact Us

8550 E. Smitty’s Place 

7680 N Coyote Springs
Prescott Valley, AZ 86315


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