Hunter, Dudley & Scooby Adoptions

Hunter - Caroline first met Hunter at pet adoption day and then the family went to Circle L to meet him. After the house check, Hunter came to live with them. It took about 2 to 3 days for him to adjust to their other dog, Shadow.

They are about the same size and now are great friends. Hunter, who is not yet house trained, is learning good habits from Shadow. Caroline's husband, Jerry, is retired and is with the dogs most of the time. He lets them out to run on their large property. Caroline says Hunter goes through a lot of chew sticks and he began to chew up their solar lights so they had to cover them up. They were planning to get new chicks and she was hoping it wouldn't take long for him to adjust to them. Hunter came from the pound, and Caroline understands he needs training but says he has been good for the family and for their other dog. Their 15-year-old son has two rabbits that are kept in his bedroom and although Hunter follows Shadow all over, he absolutely will not step over the doorstep into their son's room. Maybe he doesn't care for the smell of the rabbits, but he is having none of it. It looks like Hunter will not have to hunt for a good home, he has found one.

Dudley (now Chance) - Kiona's voice sounded so happy when speaking about Chance. She said having a slightly older dog (8-months-old versus a puppy) has been a wonderful experience, and the entire family just loves Chance. Kiona said she was "so in love with this dog" who has helped them get over the loss of one of their dogs last November. A vet's assistant knew they were looking for another dog and told them about Circle L. After talking with Liz Stegmeir, Canine Division Manager, it was suggested that Kiona meet Chance and at that meeting Chance went up and "kissed" Kiona's other dog, Buddy, on the mouth and that was all it took. After the home check, when Chance came to the house, Buddy looked surprised as if to say "I didn't know we were having company" and he began picking up his toys that were scattered around the room as to make a good impression. Kiona said she has not had a single issue with Chance and that she "will never part with him." Don't you think it was a lucky "chance" that she went to Circle L and found Chance?

Scooby - The first comment from Macy about Scooby was the poor little guy had a run in with a javelina. They were visiting friends who have two Great Danes and while out in the yard, a javelina caught Scooby in the side. The vet said it was fortunate they knew what to do since this had happened to a friend's dog. Before taking Scooby to the vet, they had shaved the injured area, cleaned the puncture, applied medication and even started Scooby on antibiotics.

Macy noted that the Ranch had been concerned that Scooby might jump the fence and get away, but she said Scooby only jumped the fence once and that was to play with the neighbor's dogs. They are home most of the time so can keep a careful watch on Scooby who is doing great with his new family. There is another dog at their home that belongs to a roommate and Scooby gets along well with that dog and apparently with all other dogs he has met... just not with javelina! So while Scooby had some bad luck, overall he seems to be a lucky little dog to find a forever home.

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